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Our Microfinance Software Solution is a robust and scalable platform that helps to automate all business processes of your organisation on a single technology backbone, thereby helping you to plan your business growth at lower investments.

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Our microfinance software will help you achieve growth at lower investments, keep track of your profits, and enrich your customer reach. Our software is recommended for any Micro Finance Institution (MFI) which wishes to rapidly spread over a vast geographical location without any significant increase in operating costs.

A Comprehensive Software Solution

Easy integration to alternate channels, such as POS, ATM and Mobile banking so that customers can access the financial services at their convenience.


Cost Reduction


24X7 Support


Fund Management


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Microfinance Software Overview

C.B.Online MicroFinance Software solution is designed for ease of operations in which Microfinance companies operates. The complete solution is modular and layered in design – architecturally as well as functionally. The workflows and business rules engine provides a great opportunity for operational streamlining and automation in existing processes.

Group Lending

Bundled with the Maker & Checker concept and comprehensive reporting features, this core module helps Microfinance companies manage & monitor their group loans efficiently.

Individual Lending

This module is designed to improve customer service and features include loan application processing and approval, document preparation, insurance calculations, collections (both PDC & ECS) and reporting.

Tab based Member Sourcing

Packed with friendly features like KYC document capture this tab app helps the Field Officers to quickly source members for loan processing.

Field Survey and Audit

Field surveys done to identify areas and associated pin codes for the MFI operations can be captured. Member audit can also be done to weed out fake members.

Dashboard & Reports

Intelligent dashboards to quickly get the broader picture about the MFI and comprehensive reports to help management analyze the activities of the organization.

Aadhar e-KYC Integrated

The e-KYC facilitates completion of KYC process online eliminating the need for filling up physical forms and submission of physical documents.

Collection by Cards

This feature enables the member to pay their EMI without physical cash. Member card will authentication by OTP.

Bank disbursement

Loan disbursement can be done either NEFT / Cheque. Customer bank information will captured while enrollment and allowed to modify before disbursement.

Email & SMS Integration

Integration of critical transactions using SMS and E mail makes communication easier and timely.

Why Should You Choose Us?

Our Microfinance Loan Software with RD & FD Software with the highest level security is widely used in India and we provide comprehensive technical support and maintenance program for Micro Finance Software and other loan software. Our Developed Software products not have a limited feature, we also customized software products according customer plan need. Just go for one of our best microfinance software products and the success will be all yours.

  • Desktop App

  • Android App

  • iOS App



Improves Operational efficiencies through rigorous workflow solutions.



Specifically adapted to microfinance banks, savings & credit unions, village banks, local & community banks, NGOs & Microcredit projects.



Highly configurable providing that much-needed flexibility to innovate and adapt to a dynamic environment.



Beacon uses cutting-edge technology to deliver a secured and robust solution leveraging cloud architecture.

Microfinance Software Key Features

This software will reduce the workload of HR, employees of the company and other staff also. This banking software system is designed to easily gather socio economic data, demographics, and performance indicators to better monitor your stakeholders.

Unlimited Loan Type

Pawning & Leasing module

CRM Module Integration

Consolidated Account Master

Consolidated Reports

Trial Balance

Daily Savings Scheme

Recurring Deposit Scheme

Fixed Deposit Scheme

Salesman Commission

Loan Disbursal Entry

Payment/Receipt Entry

Journal Vouchers Entry

Interest/Penalty Calculation

Day/Cash Book Report

General Ledger Report

Profit And Loss Report

Balance Sheet Report

Loan Lifecycle Management

Our software helps MFI completely digitalize the onboarding experience. Be it Income Generation Loan (IGL), Group loan (SHG or JLG), Individual Loan or Emergency Loan, the loan officers could complete the origination process in a jiffy using our intuitive software. The seamless onboarding mechanism reduces the TAT (Turn around Time) of a loan application and also improves the operational efficiency of an MFI.

  • Seamless Customer Onboarding
  • Quick Credit Risk Assessment
  • Faster Turnaround Time
  • Digitalised Application Process

Our software is a highly agile loan management software which lets financial institutions rapidly build, integrate, launch and service any loan product in their lending portfolio. Our software smoothly integrates document storage and management into its list of features. Customise and simplify every aspect of a loan cycle from configuring loan products to meet the client’s need, managing loan accounts, interest rate, time period of loan, maximum principal, transaction charges, EMI schedule etc.

  • Proper Amortization Schedule
  • Customizable Loan Products
  • Complete Loan Management
  • Configurable Role Based Permissioning

Our software offers a compelling alternative to every complex traditional core banking systems or custom in-house solution with its streamlined collection management system. Every successful repayment will be updated immediately and initiate automated notifications to customers. Streamline your collection management by monitoring the entire loan collection process from disbursal date, date of repayment, number of outstanding arrears and write-offs in a single window.

  • Bulk Collection Sheet Entry
  • Monitor Field Officer Performance
  • Alert Notification on Repayment Date
  • Configurable Collection Strategies

Our software inbuilt core banking system rivals fully integrated capabilities of a traditional accounting software with its accounting configurations that are sophisticated yet user-friendly. These integrated functionalities of an accounting software help Our software provide everything including chart of accounts, automated or manual journal entries, financial activity mapping, tax configurations, fund source mapping, accrual accounting and maintain the tradition double entry ledger on a single platform. Each repayment is mapped in a way that it reflects immediately in the accounting reports such as Profit & Loss Statement and Balance Sheet.

  • Custom Chart of Accounts
  • Cash and Accrual Accounting
  • Customisable Accounting Rules
  • Automated or Manual Journal Entries

Accelerate the overall operations from loan approval to overdue repayment collections with Our software interactive dashboard and impressive reporting structure which highlights the areas that need immediate attention. The real-time reports allow MFIs to consolidate key performance indicators and accounting in real-time, regardless of location or size of the loan portfolio. Reduce the reporting burden using our 100+ custom made reports or create an exclusive report using the existing data from scratch in seconds.

  • Built-in Standard Reports
  • Data Visualization for Advanced Analytics
  • Executive Dashboard
  • Integrated Pentaho Reports

Our tailor made mobile apps help MFI agents to attract, retain and engage customers with the robust interface which tracks, collects and maintains records of customers real-time from anywhere. Equipped with this app, field agents take care of complete end to end collections in a considerably lower time. The Offline Synchronisation feature captures the entered data irrespective of the collection.

  • Complete Offline Synchronisation
  • Integrated GIS Feature
  • Advanced Search and Improved Navigation
  • Secure Login with Passcode

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Multichannel Banking solution

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Powerful Reporting Structure

Easy Interface/Accessibility

Maximum Data Security

Frequent Data Backup

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