Animations, The Fine Art of Creativity

We create beautiful, engaging and trending 2D & 3D animations which delivers a positive business impact for our valuable clients. Our animation services are helpful to visualize products, architectural structures, brands and many more.

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Transform Your Business With Animation2D & 3D Animation Video

We work with corporates and businesses of all sizes, be it a local start-ups or a global brands, we have explored all sectors. We provide our 2D animation services for E-learning platforms, Internal Training, and communication videos, Business explainer videos, Animated corporate videos, etc. Whereas with 3D animation services we provide services like character Modeling, Product Videos, Product animation, Marketing videos, Video content creation services, 3D logo animation, 3D Product Animation, etc.

Benefits of Animation Video

Animation gives life to character and elements, they are best for explaining the concept to your clients or educating your audience on new processes.

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Effective For Brand Promotion

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Has Higher Engagement Rate

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Better Brand Communication

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Attracts Audience Attention

Our Multimedia Services


2D Animation

The magic blend of creativity and technology brings Prayan Animation studio as the best 2d Animation Company in India. We are experts in Pre-Production-Concept Development, Storyboards, Background Designs and so on.


3D Animation

Perfect mix of creativity, thought and artistry creates best and powerful 3d animation. 3d artists of Prayan animation studio are experts in Animation Films, Short films, Animation Movies and so on.


Explainer Video

EVM- Explainer Video Makers, our sister concern specialized in Animated Explainer Videos, Animated Infographic, White Board Animation, Motion Graphic Video, Kinetic Typography Video and so on.


Comic Book Illustration

Discover the perfect Digital Comics, Graphic Novels Webisodes, and Children’s Comic Book Illustrations on Prayan Animation. Hand drawn beautiful digital illustration helps children to widen their imaginations.

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Augmented Reality

our Augmented Reality(AR) technology offers an awesome real-world environment which brings the imagination to life. AR technology is now used in architecture walkthroughs, Medical science, and the Entertainment industry. We make good use of 3D animations, Scripting/coding and sound effects to create the best AR content.


CGI & 3D Visuals

We create beautiful seamless images and videos to showcase your products, these images are used in brochures, flyers, magazines, billboards, packaging. With the help of 3D animation and Graphics, we create a beautiful product image which stands out and shines in. Marketing campaigns.


Explainer Video Creation

Our creative artists actively involved in Explainer Video Production, White Board Animation, Motion Graphics, Kinetic Typography Animation, Infographic Animation, Screencast Videos, Medical Instruction Videos etc.

It is our privilege to offer innovative multimedia creations in the service of product marketing and promotion. We are capable of delivering high quality explainer video that meet your business needs. Join hands with us to explore the best explainer video services.


With our team of highly experienced and creative script writers, we can help you in creating the best scripts for your requirements. Our professional script writers can support you in writing scripts for best explainer videos, animations, commercials, promos and more.


Within a few days, you can choose and record the right voice over for your business. Anytime, anywhere, access to a global network of voice talents.


Brand Communication Services

Providing innovative marketing strategy to drive profitable growth through leading-edge digital and physical customer experience.


2d Animation

The most common and best technique for B2C or B2B companies is 2d Character Animation.


3d Animation

It is one of the expensive techniques and hence it is not suitable if your business has a small budget.


White Board Animation

Whiteboard Animation video uses simple black and white illustration on white board to explain the concept.


Motion Graphic Video

This technique is mainly used by companies having complicated services or products to explain in detail or to bring trust to their brand.


Kinetic Typography Video

Typographic fonts are animated to express an idea on this type. Sounds will be simple but the proper selection of fonts...


Info Graphic Video

Info graphic video animation is preferred to explain financial data, numbers, figures, facts and so on. It is a type of motion graphics..


Screen Cast Video

This technique is one of the low cost alternatives to make a video and it is commonly used on tutorials. In this an audio narration is implemented on a digital recording.


Cutout Animation Video

As its name implies, cutout animation shows the cutout of characters and objects on paper in a sequence. As its name implies, cutout animation shows the...


Title Animation Video

Title video should be the most memorable and important one to express your business in an effective way before starting the entire presentation.



Script & Screenplay

Writing the script is a vital part of creating a foundation for your video. The script becomes the voiceover. Shoot a concept that gives us the information we need to write a compelling script.


Animation & Effects

We animate the stills which we create and we pull in the voiceover, background music, sound effects, and your logo to create your complete video.


Voice over & Sound

We arrange the studio recording of the voiceover. We hire professionals to record the voiceover for the video. We provide options in terms of accent and gender as a part of audition.