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Reduce the complexity of your direct selling business with a well-structured and methodical software. Manage your affiliates, administer compensation and payouts, track new users and monitor purchases.

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International Direct Sales Software

International Direct Sales Software is more than just languages and currencies – it is about controlling your products, content, design and more on a country-by-country basis.

Expanding nationally, or internationally? It’s important to recognize that potential areas for growth will include individuals whose primary language is not necessarily English.

C.B.Online Pvt Ltd is fully equipped to present your website; members back office, and member management tools in a wide range of languages to make every visitor feel at home.

What makes us the best MLM software provider?

Here are some of our features and functionalities that make us the best MLM software company


Comprehensive MLM package


Wide range of MLM plans


Multiple Software Functionality


Full-Fledged software integration

What makes us Special?

We provide all the Add-Ons with superior user experience and flexibility, few of them are


Today’s MLM Software for Tomorrow’s Growth

C.B.Online's is the most internationally capable MLM software available on the market today. It comes with a wide array of International features including Multilingual capabilities. Our software is completely CMS based, so editing or removing content/text are as easy as it comes.

You can also style every aspect of this content in the module Design settings and even apply custom CSS to this text in the module Advanced settings. If you require additional languages, just let us know. Enrollment options per country: Quickly set-up the optional and required business opportunity enrollment options per country.

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    Desktop App

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    Android App

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    iOS App

Tax ID or identification per country:

Add personal and business enrollment ID’s per country; easily setup alpha and numerical requirements along with ID lengths. Beneficiary Information per country: Certain countries require enrollees to assign beneficiaries – with C.B.Online you can turn on and off information by country with the click of a mouse.

Multi-currency support:

Including the ability to set-up multiple currencies per country, set a base currency, and establish your exchange rates.

  • Skins Designs Per Country
  • Menus & Content Per Country
  • Enrollment Options Per Country
  • Products, Pricing & Commission Values Per Country
  • Invoice Numbering Per Country
  • Languages Per Country
  • Currencies Per Country
  • Terms & Conditions Per Country
  • Search Engine Optimization / META Data Per Country

If Scalability or Global Expansion is in your future, then you should try out C.B.Online's Direct Selling Software Once, we won't disappoint you.

Why Should You Choose Us?

Reasons why you should choose us!

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High end features

CBO Direct Selling Software is integrated with high features like e-pin, e-wallet ,e-commerce integration and more

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Super Crafted

CBO Direct Selling Software is crafted with the most mofdern techniques including php,CMS, apache jquery and mysql

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Responsive Design

Our mlm software is designed in a such a way that it can be used in any devices without any troubles

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Ecommerce Solution

CBO Direct Selling Software is integrated with the modern e-commerce solutions and opencart integration

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Highly Rated

Our MLM Software have unique high end features and quality which provides a high quality user experience.

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Highly secured

CBO Direct Selling Software is provided with premium security features which can save you from any security issues.

Different Plans in Direct Selling Software

We have various multi-level marketing (MLM)/ Direct selling plans to accompany your software requirements.

We will also guide you with


Guide you for unique product sourcing.


Guide you for legal documentation.


Guide you for International Expansion.


Bring in International Leaders in your Management Board.

Premium Features - Lowest Price

We offer you a robust & highly customizable software with tons of features that will enhance your direct selling business to accelerate sales and reduce the attrition for best industry price and enable every possible competitive edge to keep your organization profitable.




Replicated Website


Tax Management


Ecommerce Enabled


Commission Managements


Compatible With Any Plan


E-wallet Recharge


KYC Document Confirmation

We have a number of add-ons developed keeping in mind the huge diversity in the requirements of our customers. You can choose any add on as per your requirement and we will integrate it easily with your software.


Project delivered


Development staff


Years of experience


satisfied clients

We build partnerships.

Making MLM business easy for people around the world by helping them achieve goals and to grow their business. Our presence is spread across the globe, and the numbers exhibits our strength as a globally accepted brand.


1. Payment Gateways


2.Admin Panel


3. Communication


4. Business Report

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