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Facebook has more than 1 billion users worldwide which can be targeted as per your business requirements. Through Facebook's robust advertising platform you can spread your message and build brand awareness in quick span of time across the globe.

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Facebook Ads
Robust Advertising Platform.

Facebook, with its billions of users represents a vast potential market in addition, Facebook advertising enables advertisers to target users with great precision. This granular targeting makes your ad more relevant, making high click-through and conversion rates more obtainable.

Our Approach To
Facebook Ads Management.

We study your business goals and carry out analysis to drive consistent, high quality traffic to your website with lowest cost possible.


Understanding Your Business


Designing Visuals & Creatives


Campaign Strategy Development


Data Analysis and Optimization

Facebook Ads Management

Each facebook advertising campaign type has its distinct advantages for certain types of businesses in different markets. Our team will help your determine which will be most profitable for your company.

Branding Awareness

Our designed brand awareness campaigns are such that it reaches the maximum number of people in your target audience to make customers aware of your product or service.

Brand Engagement

It is best if you want to increase the engagement of your facebook post to test out the possibilities to get more people engaged with your page or your posts.

Increase Page Likes

The goal of a Facebook Like campaign is to increase your page likes in quick time by targeting people who might be interested in your brand and the posts you share on Facebook.

Designing Creatives

Our in house graphic design team will create beautiful ads and its multiple variations from scratch, keeping in mind the specific requirements of each facebook marketing campaign..

Data Analysis & Optimization

Our facebook marketing team analyze your Facebook advertising campaign data to spot trends and use it to optimize every element of your facebook ad campaign for effective results.

Lead Generation

With Lead Generation campaign, our goal is to target customers and prospects who are in the consideration stage of the customer journey for required relevant information.

Maximizing Your Profit

Because we know what matters to you, we track the success of every Facebook Ads campaign by one metric: Cost Per Acquisition (CPA). In other words, how much does it cost to generate you a lead or customer?

Once we have measured this number, we work tirelessly to reduce it. By focusing our attention on the ad and audience combinations that bring in the most conversions, we’re able to constantly increase the profitability of the campaign. Once the CPA is profitable, we’ll suggest increasing your Facebook Ads budget to scale up, increasing your profit from the Ads as a result.

We believe that you should always know what your budget is being spent on. That’s why we provide clear reports for all our services which break down exactly what we’ve done, why we’ve done it and the results that it has brought. We’ll also explain what we have planned for the next month, so you’re always in the loop with progress.

Precision Targeting

Facebook advertising platform enables us to show ads to people who you know are in-market for the products and services you sell or somehow related to your brand or business. We can segment audience by gender, age group, interest category, geographical location or more.

Age, Location & Gender

Relationship Status

Income / Net Worth

Fields Of Study

Home Type

Hobbies And Activities

Business And Industry

Shopping Behavior

Online Spending Habits

Specific Page Likes

Previous Website Visits

Travel Methods

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Our Facebook Ads services is fully-comprehensive and includes everything required to get a Facebook advertising campaign off the ground and running successfully.

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