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CRM applications developed by us simplifies complex business tasks for your enterprise that may otherwise create a stumbling block in its progress.

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CRM Software Development

We equipped business with streamlined and automated processes, resulting in accentuated work efficiency, productivity and customer satisfaction.

Advantages of Our CRM Software Development Services

Through our CRM software development services, we help your business to be at the receiving end of numerous benefits, such as:


Customer Requirements and Behaviour Analysis


Improved Customer Interaction


Reduced Operating Cost


Apt Resource Optimization

What Makes Us Special?

We provide all the Add-Ons with superior user experience and flexibility, few of them are


Lead & Contact Management

Every sales lead, if rightly tracked and nurtured, can be a revenue-generating opportunity. Track every step taken to convert your lead to a customer, like follow-ups, reminders, call and meeting conversations. Deal with the vital task of managing your contacts across various domains.


Pipelines & Opportunities

Create multiple pipelines and track their progress and values. This provides a very intuitive way to track the performance of a marketing channel. Opportunities can be created within a pipeline and then tracked throughout their complete lifecycle.


Quotations & Documentation

Create custom quote documents for leads and send them directly from your system to their email id. Quotes can be customized for their layout and their status can be tracked. Maintain other documentations and keep your file management online.


Ask Management

Setup individual or recurring tasks and assign them to the staff members. Stay on track on every task with customized reminders on SMS or Email. In addition, tasks can be linked to contact, leads or projects.

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Appointment Scheduling

Schedule appointments on your dairy and never miss out on an important meeting with the customer. Send a custom invitation to the concerned parties and also get reminders.


Ticket & Issue Tracking

Create tickets for customer issues and make it auto-assign to staff members with auto-updates on every step. Keep track of the progress on the issue and allow for auto-escalation to higher authorities if there is no progress. Keep track of your issues and allow for auto-escalation of issues if not solved.

Why You Need?

CRM Software Development Company?

Proper Organization

Spending critical time in searching for a client’s contact number through call history or email inbox is a huge waste of salesman’s time. Speed and time are critical for any sales process and CRM will help save a lot of time.

Streamlined Communication

Custom CRM development helps to streamline your entire organization level communication. What if your new sales rep is working on a lead that their colleague already talked to 1 year ago? Implementing a CRM, developed by custom CRM development company India will help each resource immediately access the progress with a prospect and the communication logs.

Customer Intimacy

Customer intimacy is the process of getting closer to your customers to identify your customer pain areas. This results in tailoring your products & services with problem-solving capabilities and greater adaptation of products to customer needs.

Better Reporting

Without CRM, different salespeople can track activities in different ways, which makes it difficult for managers and leaders to piece data together to form a coherent picture. CRMs make data entry uniform, meaning managers can easily combine and analyze data to understand the overall health of the sales organization.


Our CRM Software Development Services

  • Comprehensive Contact Book Module

  • Marketing Campaign Module

  • Maintenance & Services Module

  • Customer Support System (CSS) Module

  • Integrated with the Mail System

  • Individual Complaint or Request Tracking

  • Workflow Foundation

  • Internationalization

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