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Binary Plan

Binary MLM Software Plan

is the simplest and one of the most successful plans in the MLM industry. As the name indicates this MLM software plan is based on 2, that each member is allowed to have only 2 members in the first level, which is known as business centers, but there are no limitations about the depth of the network that a distributor can build.


Since the front line is limited into 2 members only, the third member whom you sign up will spillover to available empty spaces in your down line's power leg. So the famous Spill-Over Binary Plan also comes under the category of Binary Plan. But in profit leg there is no spillover present ie, profit leg is grown only with the individually sponsored down-lines. There are normally no detailed restrictions to the binary structure and each level of your organization is paid out on a frequent quantity amount developing it obvious and obvious and easy to understand. One of the main variations of Binary Technique is that it is quantity inspired in contrast to level inspired. This also indicates there is an inspiration to help new affiliates in your organization.

Primary stage there will be two legs left leg & and right leg. These two legs can grow in any way, inside and outside, the outside growing leg is another way known as power leg and the inside leg is known as profit leg. The power leg benefits from the auto placement of new distributors from current recruiter as well as from the previous recruiters.

Commission Calculation And Payments

In Binary MLM Software Plan, commission calculations are carried out based on business volume points not levels. A formula calculating the business volume in the left leg matching the right leg is used to calculate the commission here.The commissionm is provided only when the business volume points of both of the legs are equal. The payable commission is equivalent to the lesser percentage of the sales volume.In a binary mlm plan, the commission details are calculated based on the weak leg. For example, if left leg produces 500 points and the right produces 1000 points, the commission will be the calculated on the 10% of the left leg ie, the 10% of 500. And left leg will be having a carry point for the commission's. Some companies have introduced a specific point value system to provide the commission.


Binary Mlm Software

CBO Direct Selling Software supports to set up your own Binary Compensation Plan with two simple steps. Our Binary MLM Software is the complete online solution for managing your MLM Business with a simple Binary Plan Calculation. The admin control panel makes it easy for administrating your network, using simple user interface so that anyone can operate easily.


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